Since opening its doors in July 2015, SORT West Sydney’s new sites provide WFD programs for two leading Job active providers, Wise Employment and Max Employment.  At SORT, e-waste recycling is the main focus. Donations of other waste materials from local businesses are also received to use in creative up-cycling projects.

The West Sydney sites have employed six supervisors all of which were from the pool of WFD participants. This truly demonstrates the calibre of training participants undertake and also fulfils one of the aims of the organisation.



Mathew Roach

Matt started his new career with SORT Liverpool originally as a WFD participant from Workskil. Having studied IT at TAFE, Matt completed an internship at Cisco in 2013. Having to look after his ill father, Matt had to look for work close to home. After six months of searching he had no luck and decided to go back to study. Mathew loves his job at Sort as he gets to learn & teach other participants.  He gets to build on his strengths and weaknesses.



Quocura Yang

Quocura Yang joined us from the beginning as a participant from Max Employment.  He showed a lot of initiative towards our aim at SORT.  He has various skills that he enjoys passing on to participants.  Quocura enjoys creating new products using donated materials, working on marketing campaigns, IT refurbishment and more.  Quocura explains, “Every day is a different day and not many employers these days give employees the opportunity to create, that’s what I love about Sort Recycling.”



Susan Carter

Until a redundancy, Susan Carter was a TAFE trainer with 15 years experience.  Susan originally joined SORT from Max Employment as a participant. Her IT experience, skills and knowledge were noticed and she successfully gained employment with SORT.  Susan has trained many of our young participants during her time at TAFE and enjoys working alongside them.


Brendan Couper

Brendan Couper joined us from Employment Services Group and started at Sort from when we opened our doors in Leumeah, Campbelltown.  From the beginning Brendan showed his initiative and worked well with a group of participants.  He shows his leadership skills by leading his team to produce great products and refurbish the computers they can on site.


Amanda Scowcroft

Originally a SORT Liverpool participant from Wise employment, Amanda Scowcroft is now an innovative team member at SORT Leumeah, Campbelltown.  Previously, Amanda worked on a casual basis at a local Arts & Crafts store.  Not having enough working hours she also had to participate in WFD program.  Amanda loves to share her crafting knowledge with participants.  They are all working together to create products for their site craft gallery Grant Opening on 11th of November.



Sebastien Raymond

Sebastien Raymond joined SORT Liverpool as a participant from Workskil.  With the site manager recognising his skills and knowledge in IT, he started training Sebastien right away.  He brings his extensive IT skills and knowledge in Networking.  Sebastien is a great asset to the Granville site leading the refurbishment team.  Sebastien loves his job as he gets to pass on his knowledge and understands the participants as he was once in their shoes.