North West Queensland are Makin' and Shakin'


Remote North West Queensland has caught SORT Recycling fever as community members and local businesses donate items that would otherwise be thrown away. The teams from SORT Recycling in Cloncurry, Richmond and Hughenden have been busy collecting waste and turning it into something useful.

Each site has a Makers and Landscaping team. The Makers team work mainly involves transforming used wood into solid, attractive and usable furniture. They also turn wood offcuts and other materials into valuable items and artwork. The Landscaping teams are establishing plant nurseries and community gardens using native plants, fruit and veggies. 

So far the teams have transformed the community facilities were they are operating, made many different items for customers and produced 100’s of plants.

Under the watchful eye of local skilled supervisors the job seeking participants are learning skills in recycling, wood work, landscaping, horticulture and dealing with customers.