Nurseries of the Gardeners' Way

The drive along the Flinders Highway takes you through a marvellous range of ecosystems and plant communities. Like jewels, strung along the highway are the small towns of Cloncurry, Richmond and Hughenden each uniquely special just waiting to be discovered. The three towns and surrounding properties showcase endemic plants as well as species from across the world in the gardens that are hard-wrought from the heat, drought and dust. These green secrets en route are now being explored by travellers, especially grey nomads. In time, it may be aptly renamed, the Gardeners' Way.




soils, oceans, rivers, trees

SORT Recycling Limited has recently started up a number of activities under the Remote Jobs and Communities Program in these towns. At these activities we offer job-seekers on-the-job training in the work skills they need to build their job readiness.

In all of our activities (now over 30 across Australia), we also aim to create jobs. In North West Qld we plan to do this through three social enterprises:

  • The MakerStore, where we sell a range of locally crafted jewellery, fashion accessories and other items from recycled materials
  • The Whole Community Recycling initiative. We are taking on the management of the local Tips and developing new waste management strategies to recover the value from the local waste streams, and
  • The Endemic Plants Nursery and Landscaping Projects

So how are the SORT teams tackling these projects? You’ll need to tune in next week for the next blog…