The Gardeners’ Way- Landscaping Projects

A large number of the job-seekers of North West Qld come from labouring backgrounds or work on properties. Many already have skills in fencing, land management, gardening, and some landscaping. SORT have embraced these skills and set up landscaping teams Cloncurry, Richmond and Hughendon.

Landscaping teams first offer their services to local community organisations – maintaining their properties, building community gardens, etc. Teams are then introduced to commercial, paid work. SORT staff train participants in all aspects of a landscaping business including but not limited to the costing and planning jobs, ordering materials and allocating tools.

There are well-established models for landscaping social enterprises and SORT plan to work with partners in Normanton and Sandgate (SEED) on this project.

SORT Richmond nursery


Bar and Stools made by SORT Hughenden