Where There is Food, There is Hope

SORT Food Services Logan Project is nearing the first 3 months of operation. Facilitated from the commercial kitchen at Logan’s Hope Centre, Slacks Creek, 5 days per week, this new Hospitality Food based project is a first for Sort Recycling Ltd. Structured and delivered with the same philosophy as other Sort Recycling projects; “Recycling while creating jobs, work experience and skilling.”

Partnerships are being developed within the Food produce servicing industry, utilising items which would be deemed for landfill. SORT Food Services receive, prepare and cook healthy delicious meals and snacks. Each week, the team produce over 100 packaged meals and 200 health snack packs including; Fruit muffins, Banana bread, Muesli health bars. These items are then passed on as a donation to help other Community Welfare, Not for Profit organisations in the Logan City area.

The QLD hospitality industry continually has skill shortage employment demands. SORT Food services Logan project is providing the hands on developmental skilling from our 25 year plus industry experienced Chefs and Restaurateurs to create career and employment opportunities.

The project is also delivering a multi facet learning opportunity for the participants.

SORT are seeing great success already with an ever increasing desire for participants to enrol into this project exceeding Job Services Providers expectations. Cooking, Nutrition, Food budgeting, Food safety in the home is a vital life skill which is important to all society. Without personal health from the foods we eat, it is difficult to also maintain employment, of any workplace industry. The participants are also encouraged to share life experiences and cultural diversity through food; this in turn also develops social skills, team work, cultural understanding, food resource appreciation, community services generosity. It really demonstrates how food can really connect people.

It does not take long in conversation with a Sort Food Services Logan project participant to hear the many positive and exceeding expectation outcomes.


Message from the Editor:

I was so inspired by Darren’s blog that I wanted to share some alarming facts about Food Waste. This is a growing concern but every Australian can do something positive and make a change!

Did you know?

“Australians discard 20% of the food they purchase”

“Australians waste 4 000 000 tonnes of food per year”

“1 388 000 tonnes is commercial food waste”

“An estimated 20-40% of fruit and vegetables are rejected before even reaching the shops”

More interesting facts can be found at: http://www.foodwise.com.au/foodwaste/food-waste-fast-facts/