Growth and Employment opportunities Mid Coast NSW

Message from the editor,

One of SORT’s main aims is to create new jobs. SORT’s presence on the NSW Mid Coast has, over the last month, doubled in size starting with three sites July 2015 and now boasting six sites. This will provide training opportunities for 180 participants. The most exciting news however, is that three of the Supervisors were originally participants with SORT. It is also worth mentioning that 25% of Grafton participants with the first activity have gained employment and a number have returned to further Training and Education.

The following blog written by Site Manager Blake Hammond, demonstrates how our activities can have such a positive impact on participants. From participant to part time Supervisor, Adam’s story is one of personal growth and determination.

Adam was amongst the first group of participants when the SORT Grafton activity commenced in July 2015.

Adam was a shy, quiet young man who had been unemployed for the past 8 months. After finishing school/TAFE, Adam relocated to Brisbane for a few years for suitable work and better opportunities. After his time in Brisbane, Adam moved back to his home town to be closer to his father.

With limited opportunities presenting themselves, Adam found himself being out of work and requiring him to participate in a work for the dole activity. Adam wasn’t too impressed in doing the program but was excited about an opportunity to get out of the house and be social in the community. So he was prepared to make the most of it.

After only a few weeks, Adam started to show great strive and enthusiasm. He demonstrated a strong work ethic along with a sense of honour and pride about SORT recycling and the direction SORT Grafton was heading.

After a successful 6 months at the Grafton site, SORT recycling has expanded in the Clarence Valley, opening up employment opportunities. Adam was just about finished the 6 month program and was still looking for an opportunity to knock on his door.

Adam applied for a casual role here at SORT Grafton, appearing before a panel. Although nervous during the interview, Adam proved that he would be a great fit and a valued member in our team at SORT Grafton. After only a few weeks, we knew that we had made a great decision and offered Adam the part-time role as supervisor.

Since his employment, Adam has shown dedication, enthusiasm and loyalty towards SORT that any employer would be happy with. Adam’s attitude towards work and his punctuality have showed us that there are young go getters, that have a great attitude and with the right opportunities and training, can be a valued employee with any business.