About Us

There is a widening gap in the resources we are directing to children in poverty. Food is abundant but over one-sixth of Australia’s children live below the poverty line and many go to bed hungry each night. Digital technology is transforming our economy, but the digital divide is growing and many children can’t even access computers to complete their homework.

Yet each day we discard huge volumes of resources that can bridge the gap, and we destroy our environment as we do so.

We want to establish a circular economy with Australia’s children as its focus. It must be purpose-driven, to capture the value in the resources we discard through a new reverse supply chain that returns this value back to children in poverty.

The Projects

We have demonstrated the concept through the community projects we have conducted across Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania over the past three years:

  • The Computers for Aussie Kids pilot collected over 10,000 items of eWaste and from that, refurbished 2500 computers and returned them to children and young people of low income families as refurbished computers and 3D printers
  • The Digital Seniors pilot donated individually tailored computer systems to seniors and people with disabilities in line with their accessibility and cognitive requirements
  • The food services, nursery and community gardens pilots explored ways to deliver nourishing meals and fresh produce to low-income families
  • The 3D Printers for Schools pilot allowed us to work with teachers in schools across South East Queensland and NSW to research and developed new learning tools based on 3D printers recycled from office printers
  • The Green Plastic Research Project conducted in association with Southern Cross University, UNSW and the University of Technology set the basis for production of recycled 3D printing filament.
  • The Community Wood pilot showed how we can re-purpose discarded pallet timber into furniture for women and children escaping domestic violence.

Now we are ready to move to the next step - a series of structured Recycling Projects using new technology and business models that will transform recycling into an authentic, person-centered process with a real purpose – relieving child poverty.

SORT Recycling Limited aims to place children in poverty at the centre of a new circular economy that captures the value in the resources we discard and returns them to children in poverty to nourish them and help them flourish in the new digital economy.

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